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Sweatshops/labor conditions in developing countries./ Financial markets: the crisis of 2007-8 and after./ Trends in modern consumerism and conspicuous consumption. /

Should the minimum wage be increased? / Are Americans overworked?


1. Sweatshops/labor conditions in developing countries.
2. Financial markets: the crisis of 2007-8 and after.
3. Trends in modern consumerism and conspicuous consumption.
4. Should the minimum wage be increased?
5. Are Americans overworked?

The research paper must draw significantly from peer-reviewed research published in political economy journals, including: Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Issues, Review of Radical Political Economy, Feminist Economics, Monthly Review, New Left Review, Review of Social Economy, Forum for Social Economics, Journal of Institutional Economics, Review of Keynesian Economics, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, and the Real-World Economics Review.

Other journals that may be helpful include: Rethinking Marxism, Brazilian Journal of Political Economy (Revista de EconomiaPolítica), Capital and Class, Contributions to Political Economy, International Journal of Political Economy, Research in Political Economy, Review of Political Economy, and Capitalism, Nature, Socialism.

You should also use materials in the non-academic political economy press, including such publications as The Nation, The Progressive, Multinational Monitor, Mother Jones, Challenge, Left Business Observer, Poverty in Focus, and Dollars & Sense. And, you should look at material generated by political economy think tanks including the Economic Policy Institute, the Jerome Levy Institute, and Center for Economic and Policy Research.

You should have at least eight sources. I am looking for sophisticated, in-depth critical analysis. Express your opinion where relevant and then support it. Evaluate the ideas that you relate.

Length: 5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced with one inch margins and 12 point Times or Times New Roman font.

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