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Systems Analysis Assignment

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Develop data collection questionnaire, interview and data collection plan for systems analysis.

Data Collection Survey and Interview Questions for Systems Analysis

Scenario: The HIM Director asked you, the Assistant Director, to represent the department on the Imaging System (document scanning, not radiology) Steering Committee. At the first meeting, you were asked to develop a survey and the interview questions that will be used to collect information from users about the functionality they need in an imaging system. You know how important this system is to the hospital and that administration is anxiously awaiting the findings, so you want to make sure that you use good form design principles and good survey/interview design principles. You also want the survey and interview questions to be comprehensive.

1. Design the survey and the interview questions to be used.

Next, determine who should be included in the survey and interviews. Your facility has 1,800 employees and 500 physicians on medical staff. With your resources, there is no way that you can include everyone; however, you want to include as many people as possible, but you do not have a lot of time and personnel to do the data collection and analysis. You also want to include clinical and nonclinical users throughout the facility. As this time, you do not have to specify the number of surveys and interviews to conduct; the committee as a whole will make that decisions.

1. Who should be interviewed and why (titles and/or categories of employees)?
2. Who should be administered a questionnaire and why (titles and/or categories of employees)?

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