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T 11/3 Star Trek as religion? Due Tuesday by 8:30am Points 1 Submitting on paper

Reading assignment: Jindra, “It’s about Faith in Our Future: Star Trek Fandom as Cultural Religion” (pp. 159-171).

ANALYSIS: Jindra argues that Star Trek fandom functions in at least some fans’ lives as a kind of religion. The logic of his argument could be spelled out like this:

Religion does X.
Star Trek fandom also does X.
Therefore, Star Trek fandom is a form of religion.

So now the crucial question is: What is X? In other words: What does Jindra say that religion does in people’s lives? And then how, according to Jindra, does Star Trek fandom do those same things?

Your task: Compile a list of 4-5 different things that Jindra says religion does: functions it serves, needs it satisfies, effects it has on people’s lives, etc. For each of those 4-5 things, briefly describe how Star Trek fandom does that same thing, according to Jindra.

Your response to this prompt can be either handwritten or typed; but bring it to class, in hard copy, to submit for credit. Those of you who are assigned to write a Graded Reading Analysis for today (Set M) will complete this same task, but more carefully written and fleshed out in greater detail.

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