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Take a position on the role of Religion in “The Comforters” by Muriel Spark and answer the question below.

As a recently converted Catholic suffering from delusions, Spark is in may ways her heroine Caroline. Spark has said in interviews that Catholicism is deeply relevant to her novels. Some critics have attempted to distance her religion from her writing, but haven’t gone very far. How does Caroline’s Catholicism shape both the events and the thematic messages of the Comforters? You will inevitably discuss the events of the book Caroline wrote (such as Mervyn Hogarth’s actions, etc) but you will probably end up focusing on the fact that is it Caroline who is writing the book, and all that it entails. This paper essentially requires you to formulate a thesis regarding religion in The Comforters.

The ONLY sources that should be used for
this paper are:
1.) an original copy of The Comforters
2.) Religion and Science by C.S. Lewis
3.) The Book of Job

Please include quotes from The Comforters

Please include at least 3 quotes from Religion and Science/ The Book of Job (not 3 from each, just 3 total)

Please include a creative title to the paper that relates to the theme

Please include a thesis statement that relates to, and discusses the theme and topic of the essay.

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