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Teaching Curch Tradition

“The second Vatican council not only transformed the external characteristics of the Catholic Church but also focused significantly on its internal life of the Church.”
Q) Discuss the implications of a renewed understanding of Church and liturgy for religious educators in Catholic schools.
Use sub headings
1)What is the renewed understanding of Church & liturgy (look at McBrien & Bird articles)
2)The renewed understanding contained externals & internals (go through these in essay, show evidence you have read & thought about them).
3) What are the implications for Religious educators (teachers)or relevant specific examples.
-New R.E Guidelines
-Nostra Aetate
-Sacraments (how to approach these in the classroom – understand & go deeper.(Martos article – Sacramental religion)
Implication – Schools overflowing but no one going to Church.
New understanding from Vatican II
-Human Dignity
-Social Justice
Lonergan stuff important!

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