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Teaching Project Written Teaching Plan Directions:
Students will develop a teaching plan for a select target audience on a relevant health issue from m Health People 2020.
• The topic must be focused on health PREVENTION OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE AMONG NURSES
• Content:
1. APA format
2. Needs Abstract
3. Determination of audience for COMMUNITY (young and old ppl)
4. Purpose and goals of teaching
5. Assessment of learning needs and learning environment
6. Identify at least three learning objectives
7. Identification of theoretical framework and two relevant teaching principles the plan is based on
8. Utilize at least two teaching strategies and support use with rationales/evidence
9. Utilize at least two instructional materials and support how they enhance the chosen teaching strategies
10. Implementation (oral presentation to class)
11. Determine evaluation method for appraising audience learning and effectiveness of teaching plan
12. Utilize at least two peer reviewed, scholarly resources to support teaching plan

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