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Teaching Questions
* Please answer the questions below.
1. Action Plan: Using the following sixth grade diagnostic data, please develop an action plan to accelerate and deepen student learning in the upcoming unit on Persuasive Text. Please ensure that your plan addresses grouping of students, instructional delivery, and assessment.
(click on link: Sixth Grade Informational Text Diagnostic Data to view data) Limit your response to 400 words or fewer.
Scenario-Based Questions

2. Analyze the “Sixth Grade Informational Text Diagnostic Data” and respond to the questions below:
After four weeks of instructional delivery, half of the class has not demonstrated expected growth. Many students are struggling to remain on task and fail to participate in classroom activities. Colleagues have expressed similar concerns. Describe your next steps.
Limit your response to 150 words or fewer.

3.Student #9 is consistently disengaged during class. When you confront this student about their behavior, they say that they are “bored.” How would you address this situation?
Limit your response to 150 words or fewer.


Please submit final answers as follow:




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