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Teaching Strategies Table Assignment
• Develop a Teaching Strategy Table that identifies key teaching strategies, the purpose of each strategy, examples of appropriate utilization of each strategy, (how and when to use) and how technology might enhance or hinder the identified strategy (a table is provided below as an example, but you are not limited to these strategies. You should be inclusive and creative).
• You are expected to draw on your reading from the text and online research to develop a comprehensive table. Provided for you are some examples of web sites within the table below that you might find useful, but do go beyond these and find other resources also. List an APA formatted Reference page of all resources at the end of your paper.

1. List of Strategies and Purpose: Teaching strategy list is comprehensive (8 + strategies) and reflects a variety of strategies. The purpose of each strategy is clearly identified and strongly supported by evidence.
2. Utility of Strategies: Examples of each strategy are clear, relevant, and usefulness is apparent.
3. Analysis of strengths and limitations of use of technology with the strategy:Description of how technology may enhance or hinder the strategy is logical, organized, and evidence of critical thinking is apparent.
4. Organization and APA References Table is well organized, relevant, clearly reflects assignment criteria comprehensively. Citations and references of sources used completely conform to APA format.

Teaching Strategy Table Example

Name of teaching strategy Purpose(s) of the strategy Utilization examples (how and when) How technology might enhance and/or hinder the strategy
Entire class discussion
Small group discussion
Role play 1. Actively involves participants
2. Adds variety, reality, and specificity to the learning experience
3. Provides practice to build skills before
real-world application and when “real”
experiences are not readily available
4. Enables learners to experiment in a safe
environment with behaviors which strike
them as potentially useful and to identify
behaviors which are not (Wehrli, G., Nyquist, J.G. (2003). 1. Practicing how to therapeutically respond to a patient who is hallucinating.

2. Practice taking a phone order from physician. Enhancing
1. Making a video of the role-play will allow review and self-analysis.
2. Video simulation of a patient experiencing hallucinations, i.e.

3. Link of a discussion of what hallucinations are like, i.e.http://www.ted.com/talks/oliver_sacks_what_hallucination_reveals_about_our_minds.html
4. Link to an organization policy and procedure on taking a phone order.
1. May become too dramatic and unrealistic
One to one instruction
Demonstration and return demonstration
Games (list specific kinds). Example: see Educational games


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