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EDPY 585
Fall 2005

Richards, J.C. (2005). Second thoughts on teaching listening. RELC Journal, 36(1), 85-92.
Wong, W., &VanPatten, B. (2003). The evidence is in: Drills are out. Foreign Language Annals, 36, 403-432.

Study Questions
1. Explain the difference between what Richards refers to as “listening as comprehension” and “listening as acquisition”?

2. How does this distinction relate to the difference between top-down and bottom-up processing? (see Field, 1999)?

3. What kinds of activities does he recommend be used for listening as acquisition?

4. Relate what Richards says about listening as acquisition to what Wong and VanPatten (2003) propose. Identify the features of Processing Instruction that complement or contradict what Richards is advocating.

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