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Tele medicine: A comparison of Civilian vs. Military Hospitals
A Comparison paper on Relay health/Telemedicine, comparing a Civilian clinic vs a Military clinic in how it is set up & utilized. Compare how patient encounters are coded, work load is counted (as in RVU’s) and how payment is collected or reimbursed, etc…

Your final paper is 15 pages double-spaced (excluding the executive summary, footnotes and references) with 12 point font. Tables, graphics, and diagrams must be placed in the paper as attachments. They do not count in the page length. Your work should include, at a minimum, the following:
•Executive summary (1 page)
•Statement and analysis of the issue / case (including your analysis of the sources of the problem, stakeholders, etc…)
•Position (a clear statement of what your position on the issue)
•Support for your position along with anticipated obstacles, stakeholders, and facilitating factors (designed to persuade the reader to your thesis and drawn from evidence and the literature)
•Conclusion and future direction

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