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Terro. Wk 11
– DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3) – The types of terrorism, along with the social, political and psychological motivations and ramifications of terrorism are the focus of this course. Terrorism threat risk assessment and prevention strategies are also components.
– The required Textbooks for this course: Giduck, John, When Terror Returns: The History and Future of Terrorist Mass-Hostage Sieges, Archangel Group Ltd. (2011) (ISBN: 0-9767753-5-5) o Gunaratna, Roham, Inside Al Qaeda, Columbia University Press (2002) (ISBN: 978-0231126922 o Lewis, Bernard, The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror, Random House (2004) (ISBN: 0-8129-6785-2) o Reich, Walter, Origins of Terrorism, Woodrow Wilson Center Press (1998) ISBN: 978-0943875897 Additional assigned readings will be provided in Blackboard.
– The topic of this week, week 11, is:- Responding to Terror Attacks
No reading assignment this week.
The assignment of this week, Wk 11, is as follows:
From your knowledge, reading and research select one potential strategic-level terrorist target. Dictate a viable attack methodology for that target, and develop a response plan for at least one of the components in the government/law enforcement/military structure that would likely be called upon, including the tactics and capabilities it would require.

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