Terro. Wk 5

Terro. Wk 5

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DMM 627 Principles of Terrorism (3-0-3) – The types of terrorism, along with the social, political and psychological motivations and ramifications of terrorism are the focus of this course. Terrorism threat risk assessment and prevention strategies are also components.
– The required Textbooks for this course (please see the syllabus) : Giduck, John, When Terror Returns: The History and Future of Terrorist Mass-Hostage Sieges, Archangel Group Ltd. (2011) (ISBN: 0-9767753-5-5) o Gunaratna, Roham, Inside Al Qaeda, Columbia University Press (2002) (ISBN: 978-0231126922 o Lewis, Bernard, The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror, Random House (2004) (ISBN: 0-8129-6785-2) o Reich, Walter, Origins of Terrorism, Woodrow Wilson Center Press (1998) ISBN: 978-0943875897 Additional assigned readings will be provided in Blackboard.
– The topic of this week, week 5, is: Week 5 – Jihadist Terrorist Group Classifications
Giduck, When Terror Returns (2011), pp. 177-262.
Gunaratna, pp. 127-221
Charles Faddis, Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion of Homeland Security (Guilford, Connecticut: Lyons Press, 2010), pp. 43-65.

– The assignment of this week is as follows:
What types of terror attacks have been seen by each of the three groups? Your discussion can include both executed operations (successful) and planned but prevented ones. Have such operations (i.e., terror attacks) from all three categories been seen in the United States? If so, can you identify at least one from each category?
Can you present a viable model for predicting the types of attack methodologies that would be used by each of the three groups in future attacks? For example, how likely is it that homegrown terrorists would obtain and detonate a nuclear device? How about a dirty bomb? On the other hand, would AQ launch an Active Shooter Decimation Assault as we allegedly saw with Dr. and Major Nidal Hasan at Ft. Hood or the planned attack on Ft. Dix, New Jersey?

Do you think there would be overlap between the attack methodologies that would be pursued among the three groups? For instance, is it likely or not to see a Beslan-level school mass-hostage siege conducted by hardcore AQ, Associated Groups and homegrown terrorists? Do you see any attack methodologies that might see overlap among any of the other groups? If so, would the attacks be identical in terms of terrorist numbers, targeting, weapons, and death toll? If not, what differences could be expected? I am looking for brief discussion on these various topics only. You can address all of them succinctly or select one or two to discuss in a bit more detail.

NOW, please put some points in your consideration when you do this assignment of this week because they are extremely important:
1- Please always remember that I’m MUSLIM, so please write please remembering that all the time to give the sense of credibility and avoid any conflict with this faith and religion.
2- The first question talks about three groups, so please you have to know what they are using the READING ASSIGNMENTS of this week to avoid writing about different groups from those mentioned in the question.
3- As you know, you are the one who wrote my Case Study 2 this week which has a similar topic of this assignment, so please remember what has been mentioned there to have the unity of idea and avoid any conflict between the case study and this assignment because both will be revised by the same professor.
4- Please, you MUST use at least ONE OR TWO references from the total of 5 references from the reading assignments of this week, listed up.
5- Last point, please make sure that you cover ALL even the small points in this long question and not neglect any part of it (importat).

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