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Texas Education Funding

A research paper is required in this course. You will write a research paper describing how education is funded in your home state and you will review a district’s budget for the current school year, describe what the funding says about the district’s priorities, and examine current and emerging funding issues. Your research paper should be somewhat detailed and must focus on your textbook assigned readings and other articles as they relate to educational funding.

Thus, as a minimum, your paper you should:

A. Note the issues surrounding your home state funding of education (include a discussion on the formula that determines a locality’s capacity to fund education and address equalization issues).

B. Address the types of taxation used and the effects on taxpayers.

C. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of full state financing for your state.

D. Describe the budget process in your school district. (Include who is involved, how does the process work, who approves the budget, how is the budget appropriated, how is it evaluated, etc.).

E. Describe contemporary and emerging issues in your school district or on your school campus and make some recommendations on how resources can be best allocated for maximum return.

The research paper should be 20 – 25 (I purchased 20) pages double-spaced paper that includes at least ten references in addition to the course text. References should have in-text citations and be listed at the end of the paper and should follow American Psychological Association (APA) format. The APA web site (www.apastyle.org) can be consulted for assistance as can the OWL Purdue site. Please make sure to include in proper APA format a title page and abstract.

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Book Reference (1): Sorenson, R. D., & Goldsmith, L. M. (2013). The Principal’s Guide to School Budgeting (2nd ed.). Corwin.

MUST include (10) other reference to aid with the research paper.

The State you will be basing the research on is: Texas

The School District is: Hays Consolidated Independent School District

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