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The Anti-War Movement of the 1960’s

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Write a researched essay in which you analyze or evaluate institutions, trends, and phenomena. Following are some suggestions designed to stimulate ideas. Before you begin, limit your subject as far as possible, come up with a valid thesis, and illustrate your essay with specific examples. Also, you will have to document the essay according to MLA guidelines (CH R 1-4).

1. Do a little reading around in your topic, to see exactly what aspects keenly interest you.
2. State in the form of a question, exactly what you care to find out.
3. By means of library research, find an answer to your question. This answer may be tentative – just a healthy hunch – but if it is your best hunch, go ahead and stick up for it. This will be your thesis statement.
4. Then, in a paper of at least 1200 words, set forth your view. Give evidence to support it, drawn from your research. That is use citations and a bibliography of at least 6-8 sources.
A significant part of your grade will depend on how correctly you follow the MLA rules for documentation.

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