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We’re offering you a chance to apply the work of the director to an original
adaptation of an old children’s story. We’re asking you to take the story of The Three
Little Pigs and offer a treatment of how you would direct a staged production of the
story. If you don’t know the story you can find a version of it at:
You should address the following for your submission:
1. Write a short statement of what you view to be the central conflict of the
story. Be sure to include:
a. What you think the purpose of your production might be
b. Who you believe to be the intended audience
c. What story, moral or lesson might be shared through your production
d. Any original interpretations you feel important to your vision
2. Give specific, descriptive examples of the world of the play as you would like
to direct it including (but not limited to) a treatment of:
a. SET
REMEMBER- you don’t have to design these elements but simply describe
how you see the possibilities of these elements being treated in your vision of
the piece. You are the director- you need to supply a vision of how you’d like
to tell this story. You might even submit inspiration pictures or visuals in
support of your answers
You might find it useful to decide on a genre for your treatment of the play and allow
that decision to guide your vision. Above all you should be creative. Allow yourself
to have fun with this assignment- look at the story in a way only you can and let that
interpretive magic flow!
There is no length requirement for the submission but you should have at least one
full page of directorial treatment if you are providing enough detail.

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