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The Elements of Fiction/ William Carlos Williams, “The Use of Force” (1333-1336)

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Handout: The Elements of Fiction
Read/Discuss: William Carlos Williams, “The Use of Force” (1333-1336)

Writing: Journal Assignment #1
Discuss the element of background in the short story, “The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams. The story does not offer a great deal of detail about the plot, but through careful observation of the background information that is provided, the reader can make certain assumptions about the story, particularly from the setting (the historical time and place in which the story is set). Those details make it easier to determine what the plot is, to analyze the characters and determine their behaviors and motivations. What information can you get from the details provided? How do those facts help advance the plot?
also add a quote if you can

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The Elements of Fiction- url

The Use of Force- url

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