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The impact of Islamic Finance and Islamic banking in Western countries

The Topic: The impact of Islamic finance and Islamic banking in Western countries.

1-Discuss the issue of how the concepts of Islamic Finance and Islamic Banking can be incorporated into the domestic business laws of Western countries in order to establish and improve the business relationships between those Western countries and Islamic nations in a globalised world.

2- Give an example, about the ANZ bank which has been involved in Islamic Banking and Islamic finance since 1980s.

3- Use the case study of England and Australia to structure in the research.

4- the writer have to provide a history of Islamic Banking and Islamic finance in the research paper. The comparison between the Islamic banking and Islamic financing options and the banking options available in the West will be discussed to give people a better understanding of the topic.

4- Use all resources which I will send it with the proposal document.
The important things:

1- The writer have to use the Australian Guide To legal Citation (AGLC) I will send it with the Guide Written document.
2- 2-The plagiarism have to be less 10% .
3-The writer have use the resources links which will be useful to find the information, I will provide the resources with the document but it is fine if he use another resources and follow the steps in proposal document and consider with the professor comment and my reply to make the research easy to understand.

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