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The Lessons of Bo Xilai’s Case

write a 2000 word (no more than that please it’s the limit) research essay on the following topic:

The Lessons of Bo Xilai’s Case.

Briefly cover Bo Xilai’s case, its causes and results.

How this case show the corruption in the Chinese government.

Evidences and examples that corruption exists in the Chinese government.

Lessons of the case for the Chinese government (such as the measures they will adopt in education and supervision to counter the corruption).

Lessons of the case for normal citizen, not just in China but also worldwide.

You must argue that Bo Xilai’s case shows the corruption in China and that it’s a great lesson for the Chinese government and citizen worldwide.

Make the argument clear and support it with evidences and examples please.

Here is the structure:
• Necessary background.

• Outline of question.

• State the argument (for example: this paper will argue…).

• Explain and support the argument with examples and evidences.

• Summary of the argument and most important evidence.

• The Conclusion should be brief.

3) If you had to pick one significant event during this time (beyond Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott) what would it be and why?

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