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The Limits of Freedom.” (Pre 1877)

Paper details:
Considers the controversial issue announced by the instructor in the Content area (also note the discussion topic in the Discussions area). Identifies at least four primary sources (i.e., letters, diaries, publications) from Voices of Freedom that relate to this issue. Consults two valid secondary sources that help to develop a thesis. Constructs a thesis statement based upon the primary and secondary sources. Incorporates an introduction, body, and conclusion. Organizes paragraphs with approximately eight sentences developing a single topic. Avoids spelling errors, awkward language, improper grammar, flawed punctuation, and other compositional mistakes. Includes at least five pages of full typed text circumscribed by one inch margins, making each double spaced page approximately 250 words and 25-27 lines with a standard type 12 point font. Uses the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) for documenting all quotations and paraphrases (CMS rules are explained A Pocket Guide to Writing in History). Adds a complete bibliography that properly lists the sources used for the paper.

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