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The Other Place” — Gaitskill Outline

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write an outline as the file i attach the the order. this outline is dealing with character trait and conflict and dynamic character, you’ll have to deal with other literary elements that we’ve touched upon, such as

• Setting
• Symbol
• Minor Characters
• Point of View
• Irony
• Narrative Style
• Type of Conflict (internal/external/man vs. __________)


Sample Outline for Paper #2 (Using “Story of an Hour”)

Paragraph #1 (introduction): Theme/thesis: This story shows how marriage in the early 1900s was sometimes a trap for women. A person who has always lived in a restricted kind of society might not even know what freedom is until it’s right in front of her. In that case, having the chance for freedom taken away can be even more devastating than for somebody who’s always lived freely.

Paragraph #2: Setting – in this paragraph I’ll discuss how the setting (the time period) contributed to the conflict of Mrs. Mallard. Her husband dominated her and she accepted that domination because that was ‘normal’ for the time.

Paragraph #3: Internal Conflict – in this paragraph I’ll discuss the nature of the first conflict Mrs. Mallard faces, when she starts to realize how happy she is that her husband is dead. She fights against that feeling because it seems like a terrible reaction to her – but the conflict ends with her accepting that she’d rather be free than be married.

Paragraph #4: Irony – in this paragraph I’ll discuss how the entire story is set up to use dramatic irony. The doctors and the people who love Mrs. Mallard have no idea what happened. They think she died of sudden joy at seeing her husband alive. The truth is that she dies of horrific shock that he was still alive.

Paragraph #5: Conclusion – I’ll try to explain how the story’s meaning relies heavily on these three literary elements.

Sample Outline for Paper #2 (Using “Hills Like White Elephants”)

Paragraph #1 (introduction): Theme/thesis: This story shows how sometimes a couple can reach a crossroads where there are only two choices—to move forward or to split up. Often, the issue of children is the one that leads to this moment. In relationships, people sometimes compromise with what they really want in order to bring about some momentary peace, but that peace is probably going to be short-lived.

Paragraph #2: Point of View– in this paragraph I’ll discuss how Hemingway’s choice to use objective point of view affects the reader. Without internal thoughts from the characters, and with their dialogue never expressing their true feelings, the random details of setting really stick out and draw attention to themselves.

Paragraph #3: Narrative Style – this paragraph will mention the point of view again, but focus more on Hemingway’s use of short dialogue. The rhythms of male/female discussion and disagreement are clear in the dialogue. This makes the reader pay attention to small clues about what the man is really talking about and how the woman is reacting to it.

Paragraph #4: Symbol – in this paragraph I’ll discuss how the two sides of the train station must be symbols for the two choices facing this couple: to have the baby or to abort it.

Paragraph #5: Conclusion – I’ll try to explain how the story’s meaning relies heavily on these three literary elements.

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