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The Patriot Act and how governmental power was placed above personal freedoms supposedly for the national interest:

Paper details:
start with a clear thesis, and eventually draw some important conclusions about the vulnerable state of civil liberties in times of crisis. In any case, you don’t want your paper to read like an encyclopedic “report.” You must use at least two primary sources (official documents, letters, diaries, interviews, etc. from the time period) and at least three secondary sources (books and articles). Use of primary sources in support of your argument is ideal. Remember, “Wikipedia” and similar information sites along with blogs and etc. are not credible secondary sources. All information, sources and direct quotes must be documented in Chicago Style (CMS), which is used in history (CMS rules are explained A Pocket Guide to Writing in History, Section 7. Please model Rampolla’s examples). For more details, refer to the information in the Term Paper Expectations section of the content area.

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