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the play "Race" directed by David Mamet at the San Jose Stage Company

Please answer each question separately
This should be based on the live performance of the play the play "Race" directed by David Mamet at the San Jose Stage Company.
2. Write an overall evaluation of quality of the production and the worth of the play.
This is the first time we have asked you to write an over-all evaluation. You should make reference to the quality of the play itself, the acting and the design. Employ the critical criteria discussed in the modules, and in Cohen, chapters 2 (The Critic) and chapter 3 (The Play), especially the section outlining the well-made play. Support your opinions with specific references from what you have seen.
a. A Critical Framework: Assess all of the following
i. Intent: What is the play trying to say? What tone is it trying to
project? What is the play?s purpose (e.g. sheer entertainment,
exploration of ideas, enlightenment)?
ii. Structure: How is the play structured to support its intent? What is
its style? Its form? Its use of realistic/non-realistic elements? How
does the acting, directing and design of the production attempt to
support the intent?
iii. Effectiveness: How effective is the play in fulfilling its intent? Are
the performances focused and harmonious? Does the directorial
concept work? Do the design elements contribute appropriately?
What ?works? or does not work about the play and the production?
iv. Worth: Is the whole endeavor worthwhile? While a comedy like Neil
Simon?s ?The Odd Couple? provides some telling observations about
interpersonal relationships, it is an entertaining evening that allows
the audience to be diverted from their daily troubles. But that?s all it?s
trying to be. And we need well-written, entertaining diversions. On
the other hand, a drama like Arthur Miller?s ?Death of a Salesman? is
a complex examination of a man on the brink of suicide, and by
extension, an exploration of many aspects of what we call ?The
American Dream.? These are far loftier ambitions. But one does not
make the other less relevant or valuable, only different. Both have
worth because both achieve excellence in what they attempt to

3. One of the best ways to evaluate what you know is to try and teach it to someone else.
With that in mind, for the final question of the class, please respond to the following
a. You have a close friend who is coming to visit and who has had very little
experience with theatre. You have just taken a theatre appreciation class and
are excited about live theatre. You want to share your knowledge and
enthusiasm with your friend.
i. You have seen at least four plays this quarter. Assume that they are all
still playing. You decide to take your friend to three of these plays.
Which will you choose (or not choose) and why?
1. What have you learned this quarter than you would want to
pass along to your friend, by way of knowledge or information
about the theatre, that would make your friend?s enjoyment of
the plays more complete.
2. If there was a kind of play that you did not see this quarter that
would make an important contribution to your friend’s
knowledge, what would it be?
3. Explain how each of the plays will contribute to your friend?s
understanding and appreciation of theatre.

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