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The popular press bombards us with comments about a “national obesity epidemic”. Since eating and exercise are related to the chapter on motivation, please address the following questions :

1. According to research, is obesity really a national problem? Defend your position based on the information you gathered from your text and additional resources.

2. What, if anything, needs to be done? Consider both traditional and creative options.

To receive credit you must do an initial post and then reply to at least one other student’s initial post.

You can earn up to 20 points for your participation in this forum.
The number of points you receive will be based on the quality and thoroughness of your initial post and your subsequent replies to other posts. No credit will be given for late posting or late replies.
When preparing your initial post, be sure to:

Clearly state your position and provide supporting evidence. You must gather information from at least one electronic or non-electronic resource in addition to your textbook.The resource does not have to be an academic psychological journal. It may be a site or article designed for the lay person. However, it must be a reputable site ( not something like “Gary’s Tips on Weight”) and you may not use wikipedia.

List the source or sources that you used. Since one purpose of this assignment is to have you do additional reading on the topic, no credit will be given if you do not include the resource you used.
Organize your thoughts and use appropriate grammar. Organizing your thoughts, spelling correctly and using punctuation is an important part of the learning process. Others need to be able to easily read and understand your posts.

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