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The Relationship between Socialism and Capitalism and, Constitutions and Laws.
Order Description
1- Research Requirements Attached. 2- Research Proposal Attached.
3- Please use some Law Articles. 3- You have to choose a one country of capitalism and one country of socialism (choose any counties but not china please). 4- This is a law comparative research.
((P.S. I’m allowing you to make any changes on the research))

Research Requirements
(1) Emphasize that it should be well organized and tell a comprehensive story. In particular, it should:
. (a) have a strong introduction of about one page that
– states your purpose, main point, or focus; ?
– tells what the different sections of the paper are and the relationships between them; ?
– summarizes your conclusions, findings. ?
. (b) be accompanied by a one-page outline (this should draw directly from headings and subheadings that appear in the paper itself). ?
. (c) be written in such a way that it would make sense to an audience that is not familiar with anything more than the basics of comparative law (i.e., you should not consider me your sole audience; this is part of what I mean when I say that your draft should tell a “comprehensive story”). ?
. (d) be typed neatly. I prefer double-spaced text, with single-spaced notes, and I prefer footnotes over endnotes.
(2)Topic: The Relationship between Socialism and Capitalism and, Constitutions and Laws.
(3)Proposal is attached and last comment I have received from the Professor is“I see that you still plan to select one capitalist and one socialist country to provide some definite illustrations. That will, I think, be pretty important, because otherwise the discussion of capitalism, socialism, constitutions, and laws might remain rather theoretical. Also, I see that you will focus on taxation (“The paper will mainly consider taxation as a tool of socialism and its application on capitalist nations such as the United States of America.”) Again, this sort of specific focus will be helpful as you work to “control” the topics you have mentioned. In other words, my earlier caution still applies to some degree: you’ll want to be careful, as your research and writing proceeds, to identify which specific areas/topics/illustrations should be given special attention in the paper that emerges from your work. As it stands right now, the topic remains very broad.

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