the required in attachment file

the required in attachment file

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STAGE ONE\\\\\ requires you to submit an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY and ESSAY plan (approx. 1, 00 words, excluding bibliographical details) for your topic..
Before 5 pm 21 dec 2015
(I will order again to writ the essay 1200 in next time, so what I need currently are:
– ESSAY plan (approx. 1, 00 words, excluding bibliographical details for this topic:
Analyse and assess how assumptions about biology regarding TWO identity categories have been used and get used in a particular campaign or policy debate in Australia (eg. Aboriginal Welfare, Indentured labour, White Australia Policy, Equity in Education, women in the Army, Gay Marriage, and Masters students can discuss gender streaming in school, bullying policies and discrimination. Alternatively, students can pick a different focus that must be DISCUSSED WITH YOUR TUTOR). What are the dangers of relying on biological arguments in such campaigns and debates?

This is my outline which Dr sent it to me:
1. Collect at least six references for your essay using course readings as well as references you find in library.
2. As a guide, try to include the following types of references in your bibliography
One newspaper/magazine article or radio broadcast relating to your topic (you can visit the Age’s website, the library database, or abc online to do a search)
An entry from an academic Encyclopedia or reference/key concepts book that relates to Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies. You may use the reference list from the entry to chase further references.
Use essential and further readings listed in topic outline related to your essay question.
Find books or chapters from books for your topic by punching in keywords in the catalogue for books on the library’s homepage
Find at least TWO academic articles by using the library’s search for ‘articles via databases.

From your notes for each reference, write two to a few sentences that outlines what is covered and how that bears upon your question. Note the kind of audience for whom the piece is written. How well sourced are they? Are there key terms/concepts that you will use in essay?

At end of bibliography, THINK about the following questions:

On which points do the articles agree with one another, and at which points do they differ? Do they share the same assumptions? Do they construct questions in a similar way? Do you think you have gathered enough resources to deal with the question? Do you think there is enough research available within the field that deals with your question? Do you think there is a need for further research? Who would this research be useful to, and how could this research be used? You can access guidelines for writing the annotated bibliography through the library guide for GSDS:

General guide:
a) write a general statement about your findings that can be worked into a title for your essay, as well as a THESIS STATEMENT to be used in your introduction.

b) Apart from containing what your main argument will be, an introduction can indicate why the question is important, and can briefly outline how you will approach the matter. Write introduction in point form (no more than three points). An introduction often begins with a general statement about the issue you are writing about (it is often better to write your introduction after you have sorted out your main points).

c) Write a list of descriptive headings that groups your research findings into themes (aim for four headings). Each heading should focus on a different aspect of your research, but remain connected to your overall question. Each heading should form the basis for a paragraph. Under each heading make a note of the evidence you will use to support your thesis. At this stage, you might also like to work out under which headings particular quotations will go.

d) Order your headings into a logical sequence that progressively works toward your conclusion.

e) A conclusion should synthesise all your information in such a way that the reader can clearly see how you have supported the overall claims of your essay. At this point you can suggest what you think needs addressing on the basis of your research.

TIP: As you will already have all your bibliographical details in this stage of your assignment, you can compile our bibliography ready for attachment to your completed essay at the next stage

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