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The Supply Side of the Economy

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1. Read Scenario A (Uploaded) and work through this example. It is necessary to do this before moving on to steps 2 and 3.

2. Download and PRINT the graphing template (Uploaded). Please hand draw the graphs on this graphing template that are to be used in Homework 3 questions. When finished, please attach as a SINGLE multi-page pdf file.

3. Assignment Homework 3 (Uploaded) is composed of multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions and graphing. There are 30 questions total.

* FOR FILL-IN-THE-BLANK questions: None of the answers will have decimals. Some of the answers may be negative. For example, if your answer is 2, enter 2 with no decimals. If your answer is -$1,000 enter -1000 with no decimals. Do not enter any extra spaces, do not enter commas or $ or % symbols.

* FOR GRAPHING QUESTIONS: when graphing make sure you fully label everything you add to the graph, as was done in the lectures. If you don’t label everything, you will lose points. Use different colors when adding to your graphs if possible – this will make your graphs easier to read. You must draw your graphs on the graphing template provided.

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