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The Underground Railroad through the Eyes of Harriet Tubman

Order Description
1. This paper must be written from the perspective of Harriet Tubman
2. Represent Harriet Tubman’s era and experiences in context of what was happening around her such as the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. PRIORITIZE HER EXPERIENCE rather than the dominant experience.
3. Write a thorough summary of the events she went through, including other key individuals involved, from Harriet Tubman’s perspective.
4. How the event of Harriet Tubman escaping through the Underground Railroad changed her life, REMEMBER to write from her perspective.
5. A prediction for how the event will make a long-term impact in the lives of those around her. (keep in mind that this perspective should be written from the time at which the event took place)
6. The importance of the event in the larger scope of U.S. history.

Please include 5 sources in total – 3 of them must be scholarly journal articles.

• Have an introduction and strong thesis
• Make use of historical evidence and examples supporting your thesis
• Finish with a forceful conclusion reiterating your main idea.

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