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the Value Stream (Lean Manufacturing Systems)

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For this assignment you must go to a business, workplace or process of your choosing (pick the next place you are going). This can be a business for food service (restaurant); manufacturing; medical care (medical office); retail (Walmart, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Lowes, etc.) or other. Observe a Value Stream (pick one if there is more than one) and how it flows. Take some notes and maybe some pictures.

Describe the Value Stream in words and a block (process) diagram. Observe and discuss how each of the process element helps or impedes flow (for example, is it a batching operation?). How well does the Value Stream flow and can you suggest some improvements (you do not be detailed in how to solve problems but you certainly can make some insightful suggestions)? Make sure to apply the academic principles and concepts from Chapter 3 on Flow.

Post your completed assignment into this section. If your work is copied then you, and the other person(s) will receive 0 credit for the assignment. These assignments are not difficult and the thinking process required to answer these questions will help you to understand this material.

Remember, these assignments are intended to improve your understanding of the key concepts in the course. You have one homework assignment each week for this Graduate-level course and I would expect some complete and thoughtful discussion, not quick and superficial.

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