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Critically assess the viewpoint that the 21st century is not as violent as the past.
Word count : 2700 (MINIMUM)
References: 25-30

Font size 12 Arial left aligned or justified and with 1.5 spacing between lines of text

The first goal is to ensure your answer addresses each part of the question asked. Each of these elements needs to be addressed in an answer.
• The second goal is to give a proportionate share to each part of the question in your answer. So, for example, in answering question 1 you would have to balance the paper between the 21st century and the period before that. Decide which prior period is an appropriate reference frame. However, the answer cannot focus entirely/almost exclusively on one century at the expense of the other.

The question requires demonstrating the position, the change and the outcome/evaluation between two periods in relation to a single form of violence. Two forms of violence if absolutely necessary. Must adopt a point of view for or against the statement, must support it with evidence and must ensure the reader is given a clear indication towards the end of the assessment.

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