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Theory Assignment (Coursework 1) (This assignment is for students studying on above named courses only)
Question 1 i- Select an article in the newspaper on a current event and try to evaluate the information relative to its accuracy, verifiability, completeness, timeliness, relevance and accessibility. (As you will be using ‘turnitin’ for this re-sit, please include the article’s link address or email me the article separately, but do not include the article with your answer.) (8 marks)
ii- The ABC Ltd is a small computer sales company selling computers and hardware components as well as software (operating systems, utilities and some general purpose applications software).
The company employs a number of computer experts /engineers, administrators and sales representatives. The reps. visit clients in their offices. Recently the company decided to use a new computer information system that can help its staff with their day-to-day tasks including on line recording of all sales made by sales representatives.
Explain the type of output that you would expect from this system as: ? Operational Information ? Tactical Information & ? Strategic Information (10 marks) iii- In the context of computer classifications, would you recommend the ABC Ltd company to purchase and use a supercomputer instead? Briefly explain. (Short explanation) (2 marks) (Total number of words for Q1: 500 words approximately) (Total marks for Q1: 20)

Question 2- (a)- Consider a business you could start or run at home. What type of business is it? What type(s) of computer(s) do you think you’ll need? Describe the computer system in as much detail as possible, including hardware components and software programs. (12 marks)
(b)- Name and briefly explain four emerging technologies that can support/enhance your business under section (a) above. (Emerging technologies are those new technologies that can substantially enhance business and other activities for competitive advantage.) (8 marks) (300 words approximately) (Total marks for Q2: 20)

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