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Therapeutic Approaches in Education

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Engage in the experience of giving, receiving and observing therapy through role-play in small groups. Write up this role-play experience as a reflective poster.
Academic Poster
Create a poster which records your role play experience.
The poster will be on size A3 paper and will be 2 dimensional.
On the date set by the tutor, in groups, you will set up a role play scenario (it could be real or theoretical) linked to a chosen type of therapy.
This will last no more than 15 minutes and be made up of:
? 5 minutes for the role play
? 5 minutes where you explore the learning by asking the group how they felt during the role play and invite questions from group members
? 5 minutes to note briefly what you have learnt from the responses of the group and from the role play scenario

Purposes and Guidelines
1. The poster task is designed to give you the chance to work as therapists work by interpreting situations as they happen and learning from them. Do not practise the role play in advance as this will spoil the spontaneous quality of the scenario
2. You will not be marked on the quality of the role play on the day, but on how you facilitate the contributions from the group members and how you articulate what you have learnt which will then be put on the poster
3. You will be able to observe examples of role play during the module
4. At the beginning of your role-play, give written instructions to each group member as to their role in the scenario
5. It is your responsibility to bring any resources needed for the scenario with you on the day
6. Write a reflective summary of your learning from the role play and use these reflections in your poster
7. Your poster should explain the context of the role play and demonstrate what you have learnt

A successful poster will:
? Critically reflect on your learning from the role play experience
? Show how you facilitated contributions from the members of the group
? Demonstrate an understanding of the emotional issues for the child / young person, the therapist, and you as observer
? Articulate clearly your understanding of the role of a therapist
? Show visual literacy
? You DO NOT need to include your own experiences as a role player in someone else’s scenario

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