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Thereoretical Analysis

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Relates to student learning outcomes: 1-6 and 11-18

Guidelines for Theoretical Analysis of Case Vignette

In this assignment you are asked to prepare a written theoretical analysis of the attached vignette.
Your paper should address the following:
1) Describe the major biological (including neurobiological), psychological, social, and developmental factors that should be considered in an assessment of the case.

2) Apply at least 3 dynamic systems theory concepts/terms that are helpful in assessing the case. Place each concept in bold-face type.

3) Apply at least 3 concepts/terms from the ecological perspective that are helpful in assessing the case. Place each concept in bold-face type.

4) Discuss at least 1 strength and 1 limitation of each of the theories (ie, dynamic systems and ecological) for understanding this particular case. Avoid a general discussion of strengths and weaknesses.

You may “fill in the blanks” by assuming details of the case that are not directly stated in the vignette. If you do so, please indicate the assumptions that you are making and why you are making them, so that the instructor can follow the logic of your argument.
Academic Paper Guidelines
The paper should be APA formatted, 5-7 pages in length (not including the title page or reference list), double-spaced, with 12-point font and 1-inch margins on all sides. Use subheadings to organize your paper. Throughout the paper, provide scholarly evidence to support your arguments, referencing a minimum of 5 academic and/or professional works, at least 2 of which must be outside sources that are not on the course syllabus (place outside references in bold-face type). The course texts will count as one source each, regardless of the number of chapters you cite. Please do not cite the asynchronous material, lecture notes, etc. Instead, rely upon original sources of scholarly information. Please also minimize the use of direct quotes from source material. Editorial and referencing styles specified in the APA Publication Manual 6th Edition can be found at: https://apastyle.apa.org/.
The title page should be formatted as follows:

SOWK 503- Fall 2015
Assignment #1: Theoretical Analysis

Student Name
Course Instructor

The evaluation of the paper will be based on whether you addressed all aspects of the assignment, the appropriate use of the theoretical concepts you have chosen, the strength of your analysis, the quality of your written work (graduate level writing, organization, flow, clarity, depth, mechanics of writing such as grammar, spelling, etc.), and the correct application of APA style.

Proofread your work and abide by the academic integrity guidelines. Students are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the Writing Center in proofreading and editing their work. It is expected that students will be responsible for submitting their own work and not the work of other students. If you study with other students, be conscious of shaping and writing your own paper. Please note: Turnitin automatically scans all papers upon submission to the platform. Students found to be in violation of the academic integrity guidelines may be referred for judicial review. An overview of the University’s guidelines on academic integrity can be found at the following URL:

Submit the assignment on time. The assignment will be penalized 4 points for each day it is late.

Case Vignette

Emma is a 7-year old European-American girl from a middle class, two-parent family. She was born full-term and has met all of her early developmental milestones. Her pediatrician referred Emma to your family services agency following a recent well-child appointment. During the medical visit, Emma’s mother reported concern over Emma’s increasing behavioral problems, such as frequent tantrums, yelling, talking back, throwing things when angry or frustrated, and “baby-like” behavior. She is afraid that these issues are tied to sexual abuse that Emma suffered in preschool at the hands of a school staff member. Recently, the Department of Social Services case worker has contacted the family to let them know that the perpetrator’s case is being re-opened due to another child’s report of abuse.

When Emma started kindergarten, she disclosed the abuse to her mother, who reported it immediately. At that time, Emma and her mother participated in psychotherapy. Emma’s father did not believe her “story” and attended the family sessions sporadically. Since her husband “refused to face the truth”, Emma’s mother also sought emotional and spiritual support from their pastor.

Emma’s mother indicates that she and her husband are in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle. At the urging of their pastor, the couple did try to salvage their marriage, but several years of marital problems have taken their toll. Besides this, Emma is significantly behind academically. She has a difficult time paying attention, staying on task, sitting still, and regulating her emotion. When not upset, Emma is pleasant and kind; however, she has limited play with the other children. The teacher at Emma’s parochial school has requested a meeting with Emma’s parents, as she is very concerned that Emma is not on target at this time to advance to the 3rd grade.

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