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in Carlson & Donohoe, directors are often susceptible to burnout and can have difficulties finding balance and maintaining boundaries. For this assignment students will evaluate their own work-life balance, come up with a plan for balance, put that plan in action, and reflect on the effectiveness.

Step One: Using Exhibit 3.1 in Carlson & Donohoe as a model, reflect on your own life balance. Complete a chart that includes both the ideal life in balance and the reality!
Step Two: Identify 3-5 realistic steps that you could take to reach a greater balance in your life.
Step Three: Put this plan into action for a minimum of 2 days (ideally 5 days).
Step Four: Reflect on the effectiveness of your plan. Did you stick to it? Why or why not? Did it bring you greater balance? How do you feel physically, mentally, etc.?
This assignment should be approximately 2-3 pages. All submissions should be double spaced, written in complete sentences, and free from spelling/grammatical errors.
Reference: Carlson, M. & Donohoe, M. (2010). The executive director’s guide to thriving as a nonprofit leader 92nd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey- Bass

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