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To identify the relationship between the technology and development of obesity among children in Riyadh city in Saudi Arabia.

Project description

write the Journal Article for my theses, so I will write the abstract and methodology and send them to you to write the the most significant or interesting results only and discuss those ignoring the less interesting material and discussions these results. In addition, could you please write conclusion and recommendations for this journal article.

Firstly, please follow that
1.Selection of the most appropriate journal: Look at your list of references and see what the most common one is. (Please see the attached file for my thesis which include my references list.

2.Journal Author Guidelines: Having selected the journal (and please note that Science Direct is NOT a journal, it is a subscription service DIT has for a collection of journals each with different set of journal author guidelines. To find them, go the particular journal website and search for journal author guidelines or simply google the name of the journal combined with journal author guidelines. Print them off and read them. You will need a copy anyway to bind into your thesis.

3.Writing style for the chosen Journal : The guidelines should give you this but in truth, it is far easier to read 3 -5 articles from that journal and see what sections and information is required,, the kind of language used and the way it is laid out. You can then model your article upon that.

4.Results to be included in the Paper: The article is NOT necessarily a summary of the whole thesis hence; the article does not have to include ALL of the work in the thesis. It may do if you have found out very little but if you have a lot of results, it would be best to select the most significant or interesting results only and discuss those ignoring the less interesting material (remember space is limited in a paper)
* The Results: As the title suggest, this lists the results and any graphs or table you can use to illustrate these result and a highlight of the key findings. HOWEVER, it should NOT have any explanation of the methodology (as previously done) or ANY explanation of these results (done next in Discussion).

* How to select the most significant or interesting results: This is usually obvious.
They are the results which are most novel or could lead to the greatest consequences or have the most application. Note that negative results can also be the significant. Finding out what does not work is very often as important as finding out that it does work. The results need to tell a story or make an argument or come to a conclusion so if you have results not relevant to that story do not include them; use them for a second paper (alternatively, make a longer story). I am NOT saying that any results that contradict the story you are trying to make (i.e. your conclusion) should be ignored. On the contrary, they MUST be included and an explanation of the INCONSISTANCY is included.

5.The Discussion: As I have previously said, this is the hardest part of a thesis to get right but it is also the section which differentiates a really smart researcher from the less able. However, if you have organised the results as above, it is relatively easy. You should look at the results and discuss or explain them and explain the similarities/ differences within your respondent groups and from that found in the literature. You will be able to use the results of your cross tabs to explore the characteristics of different respondents. If men or older people gave a different response to women or youngsters, explain why that might be. Use the literature to do this. You then discuss the potential consequences or implications of these findings (basically you apply them- in simplest terms, for each of your results you need to ask So what?).

6.The Conclusions: The conclusions are the answers to the So what/ questions. Very often the discussion and conclusion parts are merged as it saves repetition.

7.The Recommendations: The recommendations are then based upon these conclusions. It is like a to do list that you might give to the Minister for Food Safety based upon the research you have done. They are written in a snappy fashion normally,, often numbered or bullet pointed. Usually you will only have 3-7 recommendations. It is one page. There is no discussion about the recommendations normally as you have done all that in (you guessed it!), the discussion/ conclusions.

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