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To make a fictive business “InstaRinse” more sustainable

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The aim of this paper is to make a report is to find ways to make a business more sustainable. I will attach the description of was the business is as a separate file. In the introduction talk about what the business is about, the industry etc (in this case the industry being dry cleaning service)…as a main body it should include 3 recommendations. For example talking about the environmental aspect and giving solutions. of how it can be more sustainable and please include sustainability models with images if necessary and possible (5 models – sustainability maturity models).
Demonstrated knowledge of Change management models/frameworks and other tools
Demonstrated knowledge of Sustainability maturity models and performance indicators
•??Name of the company:
“InstaRinse Laundry”.
•??What sector/industry > main products (or services) provided:
Laundry and dry cleaning delivery service.
•??When did it start, where and by whom:
InstaRinse Laundry came to life3 years ago by two brother Marco and Stefano Percassi in Brooklyn, New York. Having been working in their father’s restaurant “Orso” ever since they were kids, Marco and Stefano knew that local commercial laundry delivery were unreliable and highly inefficient, despite wide range of competitors out there. After taking over family run business and expanding it into 3 more branches, brothers realized that they no longer could afford running late on table cloths delivery or having to renew their linen ever so often, as the stains wouldn’t come off. They decided to take the matter in their own hands and headhunt manager of elite laundry service “Pearl Dry Cleaners” to run InstaRinse.
•??How you came to be in your present position as owner or top decision-maker:
I have been headhunted by Marco, and participated in the process of decision making right from the start: we picked place for opening, equipment, personnel and developed business plan for venture capitalists.
•??Overview of the organizational culture and structure:

At InstaRinse we are convinced that time and price shouldn’t compromise on care and attention required in dealing with delicate fabrics and fine linens. Therefore we are driven to provide traditional laundry and dry cleaning services fast and at fair price!

In order to achieve it our branch uses the very latest machinery and fortified detergents. Our experts convey close manual quality control on finished goods before packaging and delivery! Unlike other dry-cleaners, our delivery trucks do not have set delivery times, and we will drop the linens off with you as soon as they are ready!

Our expert team is driven by excellence and as a prove of quality the management use InstaRinse as commercial linen laundry for their family-owned restaurant chain!

•??Geographical location:

A single operating branch is located in 197 Grand St, New York, NY 10013, United States.
•??Main suppliers (tier-one, tier-2 and tier-3), as applicable:
Tier 3 :InstaRinse gets their detergents from dry cleaning servicing store and water they use is supplied from communal source.

•??Key competitors locally or worldwide:
White on White Cleaners Corporation, Grand Mott Laundromatt, NextClleaners.com (all Brooklyn based branches).
• Main issues driving for change:
With sustainability in mind we evaluate externalities of production and environmental impact our enterprise produces due to the nature of the industry we are in. Substantial amount of water, air, energy and plastic waste results from our operational activities.
And as we as a management team embrace this challenge, we would like to outline following aims:
• Decrease the amount of water used mainly by upcoming staff trainings
• Decrease the amount of energy used by training the staff to optimise the amount of detergents used , switch off the light when it’s not needed and by offering customers an paperless option of invoicing (via e-mail otherwise).

• Timeframe:
18 months.
• Budget:

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