Topic: forever new

Topic: forever new

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Mapping a consumer purchase journey is an effective method for marketers to improve customer experiences. Mapping helps
marketers diagnose relevant issues that are critical to target customers, and formulate innovative ways of delivering them a
‘wow’ experience. For this purpose, marketers need to understand the steps (i.e. need recognition, awareness, research,
evaluate, purchase, pay and post purchase service) that consumers go through before purchasing a product online or offline.
For this individual assessment, you are asked to map your digital journey while purchasing a product or service online. You
need to select a brand, or a firm that has a significant online presence in order to develop your map. If you are likely to
interact with both online and offline contexts throughout the purchasing process, please consider both while mapping the
journey. You are required to prepare a report covering the following key issues –
a. General introduction about the product or service, its nature, and targeted customers of the firm.
b. Create a map (e.g. a diagram or flowchart) that shows your journey from need recognition to post purchase service
that you have received from the selected brand or company. Specify each TOUCH POINT of your journey in the
c. Critically discuss how the brand or firm uses a different e-marketing channels or tools in each step of your journey. Your
critical discussion should include both positive experiences and negative experiences that you had with the brand’s /
firm’s online presence. Your discussion should also include the interaction of online and offline context if you have used
both the platforms (online and offline) while purchasing the product or service (i.e. specify the TOUCH POINTS when you
have gone offline and discuss why you have done so).
d. Recommend if there are other useful e-marketing tools that the brand or firm could use to make your online purchase
journey more rewarding. Discuss with examples how these tools could facilitate your journey further. Your
recommendation could be based on other competitor firms’ practices within the industry.


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