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Topic In-Class Presentation Summary Format Guide

Name:    Date:

FPH Chapter # / Topic

A.    In your own words, what is the primary objective(s) of the chapter:

B.    List no less than 5 of the most relevant points associated with the chapter/topic.






C.    In summary, what should we take away from your presentation?

Grading rubric. 4pts each for a total of 20pts possible.

The presentation topic and / or area of emphasis were clearly articulated.    The presentation effectively communicated the scope, relevance and importance of the research. (outcome 2,ii)    Relevant concepts and theories were introduced and discussed (as appropriate).    A structured design process and / or decision strategy was evident (as appropriate). (outcome 4,iii)    The student(s) answered questions completely, coherently and professionally.


This fully completed form must be submitted to me at time of the presentation for grade.  The presentation form must align with your project paper (this will be checked). Use back of sheet for additional notes if needed.

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