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Total Cost Minimization

Paper details:
Please answer these question within the essay’s topic. It is an essay for Engineering and Profession course. -Why is total cost minimization important to engineers in high cost economies? -How did Henry Ford use manufacturing engineering to reduce total costs? -The assembly line is the most significant technological advancement in the 20th century. Nearly everything we use, we would not have it, in the quantities we need and at the prices we have it, without the assembly line. The assembly line moves the world. it is the driving force behind every industrial nation on earth. -Workers and machines organised in a continuous flow of raw materials made into product on an unimaginable scale. This method of work in motion is known as progressive production. -Why did Henry Ford prefer to use common proven designs? What happened when Ford Launched the Model A with its 5580 mostly new parts? -Explain why Henry Ford was forced to abandon the most profitable car ever made, the model T.

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