Total Quality Management Underpins Information Quality Management

Total Quality Management Underpins Information Quality Management

Journal articles to be used for the annotated bibliography can be found in the library system through ProQuest database. Each student is to choose one (1) article to analyse and prepare an annotated bibliography for that article. You need to choose an article that relates to the topic your group is presenting for Assessment Item 3. All members of the group must choose a different article to review.
In preparing your annotated bibliography you should include the following :
• Full bibliographic citation in APA format
• Indicate the context of the text;
• Outline the main argument;
• Point out in what way the text relates to concepts in this course; and
• Identify the strengths and limitations of the text.

Reviewing Empirical journal Articles
Steps Process
Step 1. Underline the first sentence of each paragraph in the section being reviewed
a. If the first sentence is a question, also underline the second sentence
b. If the first sentence indicates a number of things done e.g we investigate 5 things; look for the indication of the first thing.
c. If the next paragraph starts with secondly, then look for First (or a first indicator) in the previous paragraph.
d. If the paragraph is followed by dot points, underline the last sentence in the paragraph then each dot point.
Step 2. Write each sentence in order
Step 3. Read sentence out loud
Step 4. Write summary of section
Step 5. In your own words write what you think of the article
Steps Within Sections
Step 1. Highlight important facts such as:
a. Demographic information: who they surveyed (employees, students, managers), environment (university, business, community), age, gender
b. Statistical information: How many respondents, how data was gathered, how was it analyzed
c. Findings/Result: what are the significant results, what does it mean
d. Conclusion: what did they find
Steps Where do I find it?
a. Content – In the abstract
b. Aim – Introduction
c. Method – Method/Methodology (section describing what they did)
d. Findings/Results: In the Analysis/findings/results section (section describing what they found or results)
e. Conclusion: Discussion/Conclusion (section discussing what they concluded)
Steps Finally
Step 1. Your conclusion: what is your summary, what do you think about the study
Step 2. How can this be used to help support your assessment piece
a. What decisions/statements does it support
b. What decisions/statements does it oppose
Writing it up for your annotation assessment piece
Step 1. Write the title of the section
Step 2. Complete the citation information
Step 3. In your own words complete each section
a. Content
b. Aim
c. Method
d. Findings/Results
e. Conclusion
Step 4. In your own words write what you think of the article
Step 5. What sorts of decisions does this support in your report


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