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You have been retained as public relations counsel by Astronomical Events International. Your primary task for the semester is to manage public relations surrounding a major fundraising concert, which will be staged in the city you chose in Worksheet 6 and benefit the charity you chose in Worksheet 7. You have recruited The Beets to be the headline act, and Ryan Seacrest to act as spokesman for the event.

In Writing Project 8, we learned that your Learning Team has identified a presenting sponsor for the event: the Wayne Foundation.

The Wayne Foundation is philanthropic organization loosely associated with Wayne Enterprises, a technology company. The Wayne Foundation was initiated through a $1 billion endowment from Wayne Enterprises, and uses the interest from that endowment and additional money generated through fundraisers to support a variety of nonprofit organizations all over the world.

In Writing Project 8, you developed a social media news release to announce this news to the online media. Your task now is to develop a traditional news release to announce this news to the traditional media.

Your traditional news release must be prepared in the format described in your textbook and include all of the style elements covered in class. In addition to basic formatting requirements, your TNR must also include at least one quote each from one quote each from top executive of the charity you selected in Worksheet 7; Bruce Wayne, executive director of the Wayne Foundation; and Seacrest. Other considerations:
o Remember the inverted pyramid.
o Remember that you can invent quotes for your speakers. In this case, you have no choice.
o Remember who your target audience is.
o Remember the news voice and attribution.

List Jerry Maguire as the contact person.

This assignment includes fictional information.

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