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turnover problem in 7/ eleven stores in Australia

In this assignment you are expected to follow the problem solving stages.
to identify a specific problem, generate and evaluate solutions and devise an implementation plan.

You should take some time to identify a problem suitable for this assignment. This may have been, say, a past problem you’ve encountered at work, a situation reported in the media or a case study based on a fictitious scenario. Your task is to address this problem in a new way by application of tools and methods starting with those enunciated by Wood et al. (2009). Four more (at minimum) academic references should be cited in the report.

Specific tasks or report elements:

1. Problem background
2. Problem definition
3. Solution generation
4. Solution evaluation
5. Implementation and action plan

General criteria:
Structure – appropriate, professional, and accessible
Process – reasoned, coherent and consistent
Solution – original, compelling, and
Application of appropriate tools and techniques
Professional presentation including

Specific criteria:
Problem identification – validity and clarity
Solution generation – creativity and scope

Solution evaluation – logical and practical
Implementation – relevant issues
Action plan – consistent, rational, and

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