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Choose a current topic in psychology that interests you, find a video clip about it, and add a post about it. This is your opportunity to share something that hasn’t been covered in our class. I look forward to reading and viewing your posts!

Include a link to the video. Write a summary of the video, and then add your thoughts.

Here is mine:

Unemployment Skyrockets for Women in Covid-19

Summary: During the Covid-19 national emergency, many states instituted stay at home “lockdowns” which resulted in many businesses closing while others shifted to remote working conditions. This resulted in mass furloughs and unemployment. The President of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, C. Nicole Mason, was interviewed and reported the following information. 36 million jobs were lost in a few months, compared to 8 million jobs lost during the 2008 recession. Women experienced 60% of the job losses, especially non-white women. This was due primarily to the types of jobs women had, and the employment sectors that were affected (such as the service sector, hospitality, education, child care, and leisure). The impact of job loss was greater on women as well, due to gender pay inequity, women earn lower wages, and they tend to have little savings which adds to greater housing instability and food insecurity. A question remains: Will the wage gap widen when the economy reopens? Women currently comprise 49% of the workforce, and more competition for jobs could decrease future wages, which could be a greater hardship for women as a group.


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