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University Students as Scholars work?

Part of your written report will be what the University Students as Scholars project calls the metacognitive document.  Notice that you had to do all the following work as part of your Budget simulation project.  You may copy some of the answers to the following questions—the following required parts of the University Students as Scholars program—from the rest of your Budget Simulation written report into this University Students as Scholars part of your final project.

1.  Write the sentence or two that best gives your arguments or analysis points about the budget categories you researched.

2. In addition to the other requirements for the Budget Simulation project, you will write three paragraphs (500-700 words total) regarding your work on this project, using
the questions below as a guide. Your goal is to demonstrate some ways your work on this project has prepared you for advanced or scholarly writing in your specific field or profession. You should address specific examples from your project: you may refer to the material you wrote and/or provide summaries or short quotations of the rest of this written report.

Note that this part of your written report (all the sections in this part) is a requirement of the University Students as Scholars campus-wide program.

In step 4 above—the three paragraphs you write for the Students as Scholars program, you will do the following work.

A. Describe 2-3 key steps you took as you initially designed your research question/topic and then conducted the research and chose the source material for it.

Explain how these steps are similar to what scholars in your field might do for similar

Identify one or two places in your final project where readers could see the results of
those steps.

B. Describe 2-3 key steps or you took in drafting and revising to apply scholarly conventions appropriate for your particular field or discipline.

Explain decisions you made regarding your focus, your evidence, and/or the structure
or style of your project.

Identify one or two places in your final project where readers could see how you meet
the expectations of scholarly or professional readers in your field.

C. Your project will contribute to a scholarly or professional conversation about the issue, so explain 1 or 2 ways that your project contributes to a scholarly or professional conversation about the issue.  What were some key ideas, arguments, questions, and/or gaps in that conversation that you noticed? What new focus, emphasis, or evidence does your project introduce into the conversation? What additional research or analysis could happen now, and why might it be important for scholars or professionals in your field?

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