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DSM-5 updates and the Overexpansion of Mental Disorders

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*APA STYLE (including title page and reference page)
*Include at least 10 references; 4 of which must be EMPIRICAL RESEARCH STUDIES (PEER REVIEWED)
*Everything cited in text, must be in reference page.

Please use the outline provided for paper subject headings

(Heading 1) Define your topic
Is there an agreed upon definition in the field? Why or why not? Has this definition changed over time? Who helps govern this definition ? e.g., national organizations, government agencies? How is this topic different than similar ones in the field?

(Heading 2) Describe research regarding your topic
What have research studies found in the past 5 years? How is that different than what may have existed 10+ years ago? What types of research studies have typically been conducted (e.g., quasi-experimental, randomized controlled trials, qualitative)? What do those studies show? What have been the pros and cons of the research findings to date?

(Heading 3) Describe at least 2 differing viewpoints related to the topic
What are the different opinions within this topic? Do all psychologists feel the same way about this topic? Is there a discrepancy between what psychologists think about the topic as compared to other people or professionals (e.g., social workers, physicians, community organizations)? Is this topic applicable to some but not all? Why or why not?

(Heading 4) Ethical issues related to this topic
What elements of the APA ethics code apply to this topic? What are some of the potential ethical dilemmas related to this topic? How can clinical psychologists help manage those ethical dilemmas?

(Heading 5)Future directions for this topic area
Where does this topic go next within the field? Where do you see its areas for growth? What do you think will be some of the challenges in this area in the future? Are there changes in policies, procedures, or values that need to shift in order to continue effective work in this area?

(Heading 6) Personal reflections on this topic
What have you learned from researching this topic? What has surprised you? What has been new to you? What did you already know about this topic from other classes or personal experience? How can you now apply this information to your life and/or career?

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