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Variable, Fixed, and Mixed Costs

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Instructions We start working with Excel in this assignment. Begin by creating an Excel workbook and put your name and the title “Unit 6: Variable, Fixed and Mixed Costs” in cell A1. In Row 3, put the following labels in columns A through E: •Cost •Fixed Cost •Variable Cost •Mixed Cost •Activity Base Beginning in cell A4, list 10-12 examples of costs incurred by a McDonald’s restaurant. Place an “X” in the column for the appropriate cost classification (Fixed, Variable, or Mixed) for each cost listed (Make sure you have at least one example of each type.) Identify the Activity Base (driver) for each variable cost on your list. my name is Edith Gulama to put on the paper work. thank you guys so much for all the help. finally,they want me to give an examples of costs incurred by a McDonald’s restaurant

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