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Venezuela//Brand is Coca Cola
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3. Individual Section: Each team member will develop a country report. Page limit: 3 pages including references, tables, maps, etc. The country report will contain the following:
• Geographic location; description of terrain; infrastructure
• Current political system: type of government; extent of personal and business freedom; relative stability of political system.
• Current economic and financial environment: currency; exchange rate with the US $; GDP growth rate trend; unemployment; BOP; any other economic statistics the group considers relevant to business viability of that country.
• Current cultural environment: Country’s cultural dimensions (use Hofstede or any other system described in the book); culture of the people with respect to the product you have chosen. Provide a cultural map of the country. Use the Hofstede dimensions to frame the cultural map. You can summarize these in a table if you so desire. Focus your efforts on explaining how the culture of the country influences the strategy of your brand. Example: In India, while meat is OK, beef is not OK for several segments. So McDonald’s uses goat meat for burgers. Yogurt, in a lot of Asian countries, is made at home.
• Index of economic freedom. Use the calculator on the Heritage foundation website https://www.heritage.org/index/ Use the information you obtain to judge how business friendly your country is with respect to your product.
• Assess the local and global competition in your country for your product. Remember that competition, especially local, need not be the same product form. Example: Kellogg’s in India. The local competition is traditional breakfast foods- not other cereals.
• If your chosen brand is already in your country, evaluate the success of its strategy. If it is not in your country, decide whether it should enter your country. Provide rationale for your decision.

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