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explore the 21st International AIDS Conference held in Durban, South Africa in 2016. The goal is to create an agreed upon global plan of action that addresses the objectives below.
Assuming the role as the Representative from the country of Vietnam, write your paper in the first person from this perspective. Focus on the below topics within each of the two sections of the paper:

Section 1: Conduct research on Vietnam. Write a 2-page opening statement for the plenary session that includes your position and goals for the conference. Be sure to remain in your role throughout the situation.

Section 2: Provide a 2-page draft plan of action for other entities to consider. Be sure to address epidemiology and prevention, social and economic issues, and policy and program implementation. Be sure to provide a specific, detailed plan on how to achieve MDG #6. Your draft plan of action should fit real world constraints and reflect the goals of the entity you represent.

1. This simulation and the majority of the instructions are from Katy Crossley-Frolick’s article, “Beyond Model UN: Simulating Multi-Level, Multi-Actor Diplomacy Using the Millennium Development Goals”, which was published in International Studies Perspectives (2010) 11, 184-201. References to paraphrased and quoted information have been left off in order to improve the clarity of the information presented.

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