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Vision Assignemnt

Paper details:
Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the importance of having and articulating a vision. For a leader to be effective, they need to “create a vision” or “paint a picture” of some desired future state of affairs, and present a compelling reason why others would want to join them in striving to attain this vision. For this assignment you should watch a movie, or re-watch a movie you remember seeing in the past. In any number of movies I can think of there is a leader who, by articulating a vision and a challenge to others to see it happen, convinces followers to join them in trying to achieve something. There are plenty of sports movies (e.g., Coach Carter, Remember the Tit ans), action movies (Oceans 11, The Italian Job), and animated movies (e.g., Toy Story, A Bugs Life), where some leader(s) create a compelling vision for others to follow. In the paper, take about half a page to describe the basic plot of the movie (in your own words). Then, for the rest of the paper, using some of the terms and ideas described in the chapters, explain how the leader(s) created a vision that inspired others to follow. Usig the book The Leadership Challenge fifth edition by kouses and posner

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