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Watchmen(Book) Reflection

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The Topic of the Essay is Watchmen the book version, reflect the book base on the follow requirements

Written Book Report Summer Reading
ln a multi-paragraph essay, discuss one of the books you’ve read for summer
Introduce the name of the books, name of the authors, and provide a brief
background summary of the contents of the book.
Discuss the presumed goals of the writer and evaluate his or her success in
achieving these goals. Also discuss any points of criticism you may have.
If the work is a novel, present what you consider to be most important to the work.
Is it the setting, character, plot, theme? Provide specific support [through detail and
quotes). A
If the work is non-fiction, evaluate the content, the sources, and any perceived
author bias or omission on the topic.
l!ionclude with a final evaluation that does not repeat i , I .i ou’ve already written

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