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Web Analytics Report

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Digital Analytics Case Study

The attached Monthly Dashboard is to serve mid-to-senior level of an Airway Company to pin-point actions that required for markets for optimizing online business and lead generations.

Prepare 1 slide each addressing below points:
a) Performance Overview & Highlights in March
b) Key Market(s) that could learn from / need to be tackled, along with recommended actions
c) Suggest a strategy, with reasons & supporting, to improve BA digital presence and online revenue in HK
d) Propose a way to enhance the current reporting (either format, process, measurement, analytics tool, etc.)

Other Information
a) The presentation should be compatible with PowerPoint 2010.
b) The dashboard is an interactive one, which you could change view for different markets data on different months by clicking the Title Cells
d) In case of any problem on the file, please feel free to let me know.

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